some more tattoo designs??? i put these in my drafts and then forgot about them

for example

for example

i’ve just obtained these three small journals with typewritten quotes; i’m going to fill each with art and writing relevant to each quote, then make them available for purchase as one of a kind art books. keep your eyes out for them!

Anonymous said: are you okay with people getting tattoos of your dead men don't catcall?

yes, i just ask that you link back to this blog if you post images of the tattoo online (and please ask your tattoo artist to do the same.)

Anonymous said: I can't find the user anymore, so maybe they got taken down? (I assume that's what happened, but I'm not a redbubble user so I don't know for sure.) I hope they get removed, if they aren't already!

i can’t find it either! i suppose either they deleted their account themselves or redbubble has already acted on my complaint - either way, i consider the situation to be resolved so that’s good news!

basically if my artwork is being sold on american apparel clothing u can bet yr ass i didn’t put it there

for future reference: the ONLY place i am currently selling products featuring my artwork is my cafepress. any products featuring my artwork on ANY other sites, like redbubble, society6, storenvy, etsy, etc., are instances of art theft and plagiarism and i would appreciate you guys giving me a heads up if you see them!


redbubble user targaryen has stolen my artwork, which you can view in its original post here, and is selling it on their account. they didn’t even bother to remove my signature from the work - if you go to the page where they’re selling it, you can see the word “missmantodea” in the lower right corner, which is the former url of my art blog.

they’ve also stolen art from passerineart (original here) and fuckyeahsubversivekawaii (originals here).

i’ve filed a copyright complaint with redbubble, but until i hear back i want to spread the word to A. prevent people from buying the plagiarized merchandise and B. give other artists a heads up about the thief.



submissions for the zines closed yesterday, but due to a lack of submissions for WET, i am extending the deadline for ALL zines by two weeks! the new deadline is JULY 13TH.

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