idk i’m never gonna finish this one just take it *SHRUGS*

idk i’m never gonna finish this one just take it *SHRUGS*

Anonymous said: please take all the time you need to get back on your feet - the zine is something you're putting together for free and nobody (decent) would fault you for taking some time off. stay safe and take care of yourself.

this is a very kind message. thank you very, very much. <3

Anonymous said: what's going on? are you okay? :(

thank you for your concern, i appreciate it. 

this isn’t a personal blog so i’d really rather avoid going into details but the abridged version i’ve found myself thrust back into a toxic situation that i had managed to get out of once, but this time around it’s worse and i have fewer options. what’s important is that at the moment i’m safe and getting by, but things are still difficult.

sorry it’s taken me so long to post this announcement, but

long story short, due to some extremely stressful and difficult developments offline, i’m gonna have to put off compiling the ANGRY/GROSS/WET zines

they are ABSOLUTELY still going to happen but it’s just not something i can devote time to right now

the good news is that means that the submission deadline is basically indefinite atm. with the submissions i currently have i had gotten nowhere near where i was going to cut the zines off for length so i am more than enthusiastic about accepting more submissions, especially from ppl who didn’t get to submit before the initial deadline

in the meantime, it would mean a hell of a lot to me if you guys bought stuff from my cafepress (pls excuse the ugly theme orz) or, when commissions open back up, nabbed one of those from me. things are pretty rough rn and every bit counts. thank you for your patience and understanding!

some more tattoo designs??? i put these in my drafts and then forgot about them

for example

for example

i’ve just obtained these three small journals with typewritten quotes; i’m going to fill each with art and writing relevant to each quote, then make them available for purchase as one of a kind art books. keep your eyes out for them!

Anonymous said: are you okay with people getting tattoos of your dead men don't catcall?

yes, i just ask that you link back to this blog if you post images of the tattoo online (and please ask your tattoo artist to do the same.)

Anonymous said: I can't find the user anymore, so maybe they got taken down? (I assume that's what happened, but I'm not a redbubble user so I don't know for sure.) I hope they get removed, if they aren't already!

i can’t find it either! i suppose either they deleted their account themselves or redbubble has already acted on my complaint - either way, i consider the situation to be resolved so that’s good news!

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